* Decoding Your Body Workshop - next dates to be announced.


Exploring and Grounding the Body - Mind Soul connection

“Above all, faith is grounded in one’s body, in one’s humanity and one’s animal nature..
It's a biological creation”
(Alexander Lowen)

CPD certificate 12 hours provided.


About Body Psychotherapy.

It is said ‘your biography becomes your biology’ and that we are the sum total of all that has happened to us. Even our very bones, muscles and tissues know our life story of wounds, joys and beliefs. Our minds may steer clear of certain emotions and memories, but our bodies will remember them all!

In this workshop we will provide a safe environment to work experientially, focusing on the importance of the body in sustaining and maintaining psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

We combine a mix of Body-Orientated Psychotherapy with bodywork techniques, creative activities, group activities, meditation and movement, and time in nature, to support expression and body-mind awareness.

Body Psychotherapy helps us to deal with challenges in our life, not only through talking, but also by helping us to be aware of our bodily sensations, feelings and behaviour. It supports us to become more conscious of how we move, function, speak and breathe; there is a two-way conversation happening that affects both our physical state and our mental and emotional wellbeing.

When using our bodies with awareness, hidden feelings, traumas and memories can surface to be felt and expressed, thus freeing us from old patterns and blocks that keep us feeling trapped and unable to live a full life. In a body psychotherapy process, we become aware of and can choose to change patterns and beliefs that are sometimes more difficult to connect with through talking therapy alone.

Body-Psychotherapy is a distinct mainstream branch of psychotherapy and has a long history in the psychotherapeutic field. It is rooted in the work of a variety of theorists including Wilhelm Reich, Gerda Boyesen and Alexander Lowen. It has a large body of literature with a rich scientific and theoretical basis.

About Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy

Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy is the study and treatment of the processes of the mind and the body; so every emotion, shock and frustration has direct physical and psychological consequence. When our emotions are continually unexpressed and as our conflicts remain unresolved these consequences become chronic. Stress builds up in layer upon layer; we suffer pain in the body and sometimes more debilitating diseases.

Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy uses several different techniques such as biodynamic massage, movement, subtle or strong expression alongside talking therapies, to work with the symptoms of stress, anxiety and other emotions that manifest in the bodymind.

About the Workshops.

The purpose of these workshops is to provide a safe environment to explore where you are in your life now and where you might be heading.

We encourage you to explore your own story from the past and present, in order to gain insight into your belief systems, which may prevent you from leading a satisfying and whole life.

All of our work is supported by a theoretical framework and we use specific techniques and activities to focus on the Bodymind.

About the Content.

Techniques will include:

• Body Work: All the Bodywork techniques will be used to explore body language where tension and restrictions may be held: These are specific physical exercises to support you in connecting with and exploring your body story i.e.

• Breath and voice work is used to encourage expression and awareness of your body. We use different exercises to support you with your awareness around where you are in the moment.

• Vegetotherapy’. This approach encourages you to tune into your involuntary nervous system, i.e. your respiratory system, glandular activity, heartbeat, energy system etc., which in conjunction with breath helps by releasing physical tensions in the body and freeing the mind.

• Movement and dance is used in various ways including, subtle body movement and Bioenergetics exercises. (These movements all facilitate emotional expression and are also fun and very interactive)

• Meditation and mindfulness: Active and guided meditations, body scanning and visualisations used for bodymind awareness and relaxation. The meditations are a powerful way to feel into your body and become more present.

Mind work

• We will be looking at behaviour patterns, thought processes and belief systems that support or hinder your life. Looking also at how you communicate with yourself and others.

• We will encourage you to share how you are feeling throughout the weekend, in a fully supported way, either in pair work, small group or large group settings.

• A range of creative activities will be used to access the emotional bodymind. We invite you to keep a record of your journey through the weekend, spending time writing, drawing and in nature.

This workshop is a space for you, to experience your body. It is a confidential space, where we hope you can feel safe to explore and share.

About Us:

Anne McCormack MIAHIP, IACP, is a qualified Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapist & Trainer and has fifteen years’ experience working with group dynamics and training students of psychotherapy in the Tracht Psychotherapy Foundation. She also works in one to one private practice in both Athlone and Galway.

Jenny Deane MIAHIP is a qualified Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapist specialising in Body Orientated Psychotherapy and working in one to one private practice. She is originally from Belfast and now living in Co.Mayo. She is an experienced group facilitator and currently participating in training work. She has been working with adults and young people for the past 15years, in many different settings. Jenny loves to work deeply, supporting people to see who they really are, in a safe, caring and fun way.

We look forward to meeting you.

Date: Saturday and Sunday - next dates to be announced.

Time: Saturday 10am - 6pm Sunday 10am - 5pm

Venue: Tracht Psychotherapy Foundation, Tracht Beach, Kinvara, Co. Galway. Please note that the venue may change depending on number of participants and due to social distancing measures.

Cost: €190 (Includes a light lunch) Deposit €50

Application: Contact Anne for booking or more information by phone or email: Anne - 00353 86 812 9239, or margaretanngaffney@gmail.com