* Professional Higher Diploma - 27 October 2018.

Course Description:

This is a four year, part time experiential training in psychotherapy and counselling leading to a Higher Diploma qualification, and providing a professional training as part of the requirements for national accreditation.

The educational model is based on an integration of personal development with the study and practice of theories, skills, and techniques.

The course has a core component of Bodywork psychotherapy set in a broader range of humanistic and psychodynamic theories and approaches to psychotherapy including cognitive behavioural therapy and transpersonal psychotherapy.

The training program includes

• Experiential group and course work: This includes lectures and turorials on psychotherapeutic theory and disciplines, practice and instruction in psychotherapeutic skills and bodywork, individual and small group project work, book reviews and written assignments, and is supported by individual study.

• Personal process and development: personal development work is an important part of training as a psychotherapist, and is supported in group work during training time and through individual psychotherapy. Students engage in individual psychotherapy for a minimum of 35 hours per training year.

• Working with clients: Students work with individual clients during training, completing either 120 or 200 hours of supervised clientwork (depending on Diploma qualification level). The training provides support for initial stages of this work through student clinics and referrals.

• Preparation for accreditation: Graduates of the Diploma program are entitled to work as pre-accredited psychotherapists, developing a professional practice with individual clients and building up practice hours to achieve national and European accreditation.

Date: The next Higher Diploma Course is commencing 27 October 2018. The 2018/19 information pack is available for download at the bottom of the page.

Venue: Trácht Beach, Kinvara, County Galway.

Cost: Please download the 2018/19 information pack below.

Application: For more details please download the information pack 2018/19 below

Download PDF: H Dip Info Pack 1819.pdf, What is BP.pdf, Handbook 1819.pdf, Handbook Appendices 1819.pdf